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Utelite This soil amendment is mined near Coalville, Utah. Utelite helps loosen and aerate the soil. It is extremely helpful in breaking up hard or compacted clay soils. It improves water retention and helps oxygen penetration in the soil. Utelite is expanded shale, an in-organic product that does not decompose and will remain in the soil for many years. Mix plenty of Utelite in the soil before you plant, you will see an immediate improvement in your gardens.

Be sure to use Utelite in addition to organic mulches – not in place of them. Organic mulch and compost are a vital part of creating and maintaining good soil structure. Utelite can also be spread on top of a recently aerated lawn and raked into the holes to help improve the soil in your lawn areas.

You can add a little Utelite every year to your flower and vegetable gardens until you get the right consistancy, so start with an inch of Utelite and mix it as deeply into the soil as possible. You can then add more next year if needed. Use as much Utelite as you can reasonably afford before you plant trees, shrubs and lawns. You cannot easily add more Utelite once you plant the permanent plants.  The more you mix into the soil, the better your soil conditions can become.

A mix of 20% Utelite with 80% soil is recommended in most soils, but a mixture as much as 50/50 mix of Utelite and Soil can be used in severe clay soil conditions.

A cubic yard of utelite will cover about 300 square feet, one inch deep.