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Shredded Bark

Shredded Bark is made from the bark of fir trees. It has small and stringy fibers which mat down and makes it an ideal ground cover for windy areas and for slopes. This bark is very effective in preventing weeds from starting to germinate and grow. It is also good for walkways and for areas that you want a natural bark appearance. Add a little fresh Shredded Bark every year to help renew the color, to help prevent new weeds, and to help maintain the level of bark on the surface.

We also have shredded bark that has been colored with a brown stain or with a red stain. These colored mulches will retain their color for 3 to 4 years without fading too greatly.

One 3 cubic foot bag should cover about 15 square feet applied 2″ deep. One cubic yard should cover about 150 square feet 2″ deep.