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J&L’s Topsoil

J&L’s Topsoil – Compost Mix This soil mix is great to add to all flower and vegetable gardens. It is also good for creating mounds in the yard. This soil is a mixture of 60% soil and 40% compost. You can plant directly in the soil or you can mix it with the existing soil to help improve the soil in entire area. This soil is not a potting soil, to be used in containers, but it is an excellent planting soil to be used throughout the yard. The soils used in this mix are sandy topsoil, loam, and some clay soils. The soil will remain workable and it will help retain moisture. It does not contain any added nutrients, so you should fertilize your garden regularly to promote plant growth. Be sure to continue to add compost to your soil and gardens each year to maintain the organic matter for your plants to use. Some of the best composts available in bulk quantities are: Fertimulch, Oakdell Compost and J&L’s own Compost Mix. The best compost to mix into your gardens available in bags are:Bumper Crop, Fertimulch, Nutrimulch, Oakdell Compost, Black Forest Compost or Steer Manure.