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Although the outdoor garden is getting ready for it’s long winters nap, you can continue to harvest fresh herbs by growing a windowsill garden during the winter. Many herbs, including dill, parsley, thyme, chive, oregano, basil, and mint are adaptable to grow in a sunny window. While some of these herbs may grow to be several feet tall in the garden they will be much smaller in the indoor garden, where their root system is restricted in small pots. Your garden will get a head start if you take cuttings from your outdoor herbs, before they die back in the winter. If you don’t take advantage of cuttings you can still start many herbs from seed or buy small plants.

A warm, bright sunny window is best for starting and growing herbs. Herb plants produce oils that are responsible for the particular flavor of the herb. The greatest amount of oil is produced under sunny conditions, so try to provide as much natural light as possible. If your home does not have a well lit window, artificial lights work well, especially if you have a lighted plant cart where you can adjust the distance from the light source to the plants. Lighted plant carts are a real great addition to any home garden, as they make winter gardening and spring seed starting an easy task. Fertilize your herb plants often and water them regularly so you can have a few freshly picked herbs to add to your dinner menu all winter long.