Products – Arbors & Trellises

Ornate metal or PVC Gazebos are perfect for that special spot in your back yard to add an area to sit and ponder. They are low maintenance items and will remain attractive for years to come.

Redwood, Metal, or PVC Arbors allow you to set an area as a focal point. Plant clematis, roses, wisteria, grapes, or morning glory (yes – morning glory, just make sure to plant the good kind, not the wild variety) to cover your arbor.

Cement Furniture, Wooden Patio Benches, PVC Patio Bistro Sets allow arbor you and your guests to sit down and enjoy the view in your yard.

Trellises made of redwood, metal, or PVC materials are available. They are just the right item to train roses, clematis, climbing hydrangeas, and many other climbing vines.

Wooden Bridges can be used with or without and streambed in your yard. Add them to your Japanese garden or as an entrance to a special place of interest in your yard.

Metal Fire Pits are both functional and attractive in the backyard gardens. Use charcoal or firewood and sit around the campfire to cook your dinner.

Obelisks are free standing trellises that are perfect for specific plants anywhere they are needed. Many plants need some additional support from time to time and an obelisk is the answer to that problem.

Garden arbors and trellises can make your yard and gardens much more interesting and add additional texture to the landscape. They can add just the right touch needed to finish your landscaping designs.