J&L Garden Center is a full-service, full-line, retail Garden Center. J&L provides a wide range of Gardening Supplies including; Garden Seeds, Garden Furniture, Planters and Pottery, Pond Supplies, Lawn and Garden Fertilizers, Bark and Mulch Products, Chemical and Organic Pecticides, Arbors, and unique Yard and Home Decorations. In addition to gardening supplies, J&L also stocks a complete range of flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. J&L is well known for the excellent selection of roses, and the exceptional variety of new and unusual plants available each year.

Most importantly, J&L Garden Center is highly regarded for the quality of customer service we provide to all those who visit each day. J&L has a trained staff of Gardening professionals, just waiting to help you with all your gardening needs. Please stop by with your questions, comments, problems, and for those items you need for your yard.

J&L offers a complete Home and Commercial Landscaping Service. Gordon Smith is our landscape foreman. He provides a spring pruning service, a summer landscaping service, and everything in-between. Gordon is a licensed landscape contractor, and he has been involved in landscape construction for over 20 years. Please give him a call to help you with your landscaping needs. J&L has several landscape designers on staff that can help you ‘design and plant’ your own gardens – Or – we can plant them for you. Bring in your questions, along with a few pictures and a written plan, for ‘ in-store’ help. If your project is hard to describe, or if it is fairly large, make an appointment for one of our designers to come to your home for a ‘landscape consultation’. If you have a new home, or if you have projects that needs detailed, technical, or engineering needs, we can refer you to local Landscape Architects.

J&L’s Mission is to try to help all our customers to become ‘Successful Gardeners’

‘Successful gardeners are made, not born. They are the individuals who look carefully at plants and consider their needs in a logical and consistent way. They do not memorize every detail about every plant, instead they understand the basic cultural requirements of a living organism and by this understanding can ask the right questions at the right time. They give their plants regular attention in small doses, which makes a garden a joy rather than a burden. But most of all, they take time to become involved in the plants themselves, the rhythms and changes of nature, and they are rewarded with a satisfaction that beggars description.’ – author unknown