The art of bonsai has been practised for more than 1000 years. Recently bonsai has become even more popular. Many tools, containers, wire, and decorations have become available to add a new look for this hobby. While bonsai trees and shrubs look great without any decorations, putting the plant in a new container or adding a new figurine will add interest to the plant.

Bonsai plants fall into two major categories. The first category is the Outdoor Bonsai. These plants must be kept outside most of the year. They may be brought inside the house for short periods of time but should be rotated back outside regularly. The other category, Indoor Bonsai plants, are frost sensitive (tropical) plants that can be kept in a bright sunny window throughout the year. They may be put outside during the summer but they must be stored inside during the winter.

Bonsai trees are not naturally dwarf plants. They are ordinary plants that have be pruned, trained and cultivated into miniature forms of the natural variety. Many of the best bonsai plants are trimmed from the misshapen, “ugly” plants found in the garden center. We can always tell when a person is looking for a bonsai plant, they want to buy the plants that most customers ignore. This hobby takes time and practice to master. Stop by and take a look at some of the different tools and decorations that are available for using in your bonsai garden.